3 Bad Habits That Worsen Your Pain

3 Bad Habits That Worsen Your Pain

Back pain is potentially the biggest contributor to the aches experienced by most people all over the world. Whether you are still young and enjoying an active lifestyle or a older but suffering from old pains, that throbbing needs to be addressed. Surprisingly, not a lot of people attribute their pains to specific daily habits. Unknown to some people, bad habits, such as a bad posture, a sedentary lifestyle, and even an unrestrained diet can easily lead to a bad back when you get older.

Sitting For Hours On End

3 Bad Habits That Worsen Your Pain - natural muscle relaxer for back painUnless your job requires you to go out on the field or have regular walking breaks, chances are you are always sitting on your desk typing away at your computer. Individuals who have this kind of lifestyle for eight hours of their lives, five days a week for months on end tend to experience a lot of pressure on the disks of their lower backs.

When you are always sitting around, your lower back will have restricted access to blood supply as they can be pinched in the sitting position. Your lower back needs some stretching every so often. Or if the pain becomes too much, try a natural muscle relaxer for back pain to soothe the tension that tends to build up and accumulate over time.

Exercising Too Much

While it is bad to be a couch potato, hitting the gym one too many times can also become a pain point for your back. If your workout routine involves a lot of heavyweight lifting, you may want to consult with your physician first, especially when there’s a stiffness around your lower back.

Doctors often stress the importance of awareness when exercising. Since it’s normal to have repetitive sets, it’s important to be mindful of how you are feeling so you do not overdo any workout. Do this both during and after the exercise. Sometimes, adrenaline can make you feel invincible, but when the high comes down, you might be bogged down with a dull throbbing pain after that should not be ignored.

Smoking And Bad Eating Habits

A healthy back really requires an all-around care—from physical exercise, proper rest, and good dietary practices. Smoking may be a form of stress relief for some, but its effects can actually be worse than endangering your lungs.

The nicotine from smoking can disrupt proper blood flow and degenerates the cushion on the vertebrae. Smoking also disrupts new bone growth, resulting in increased tendency for osteoporosis and slow bone healing.

Add this with a diet that is low in calcium and vitamin D, and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. It’s never too late to change your habits. However, if you feel that the pain is not as tolerable, a good way to deal with this is a natural muscle relaxer for back pain.

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