Best Exercises for Older Adults With Arthritis

Best Exercises for Older Adults With Arthritis

Maintaining good physical activity is essential in ensuring one’s health, both physically and mentally. However, exercising can be extra challenging for older adults who suffer from arthritis pains. Some even believe that exercising can worsen the condition and associated pain. On the contrary, the Arthritis Foundation states that physical activity and exercise can be considered as powerful natural pain killers for osteoarthritis patients. Staying active can help reduce pain and improve movement.

When exercise is brought into the conversation, people often instantly think about vigorous sessions at the gym. However, you should know that there are gentle exercises you can try to reduce symptoms associated with arthritis and improve your overall physical condition.

Exercises for the Hand and Wrist

Best Exercises for Older Adults With Arthritis
  • Fist close – If you have arthritis in your hands, it’s essential to maintain finger flexibility. Fist close is a simple exercise that can help with that. To do this, make a ball with your fist. You can do it slowly if you feel pain. Hold it in position for about five seconds or longer. Then, release slowly and repeat.
  • Wrist bends Some people who suffer from arthritis may have limited wrist movement. By doing wrist bends, you can restore your wrist’s flexibility. To do this, put one of your elbows on top of a table, with your hand pointing up. Then, with your other hand, push your palm as far down as you can. Hold for at least five seconds, then release. Next, push your palm as far forward as possible, then hold again for five seconds. Release. Remember not to push so hard that you already feel pain.
  • The “O”This is done by simply making an “O” with your fingers. Although simple, it can be difficult for those with severe hand arthritis. Practice makes perfect, though.

Exercises for the Hips and Knees

  • Step-ups – This exercise allows you to gently bend your knees repeatedly. To do this, stand by the nearest staircase. Make sure you hold on to the railing for safety. Place your put on the first step, then step the other up. Go down the step one foot at a time. Repeat, but this time step up with the other foot first.
  • Sitting stretchThis will help you move your hips a little while stretching your legs. Sit down on the floor with your legs stretched in front. Then, slowly bend forward and try reaching your feet. Remember to stretch as far as you can, but do not push yourself too hard if you can’t reach your toes just yet.

Exercise for Ankles and Feet

  • Ankle circlesThis is a straightforward exercise that you can do while standing or sitting. Raise one foot off the floor, with toes pointed forward. Then, draw a circle with your foot. Draw five circles clockwise, then another five counter-clockwise. Repeat with the other foot.

All of these exercises can help reduce arthritis pain as long as you do them regularly. However, if you have an arthritis flareup that’s making it difficult for you to exercise, you can find safe and quick relief through Noxicare™’s natural pain killers.