Can Mindfulness Help Ease Your Chronic Pain?

Can Mindfulness Help Ease Your Chronic Pain?

People who suffer from chronic pain face a daily task of trying to stay well. Chronic pain can make life miserable. There are plenty of medications that can reduce the symptoms, but what happens when you’ve already taken your daily limit, and are still suffering? This is where the power of mindfulness and meditation can help.

Focus On The Pain

Can Mindfulness Help Ease Your Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can cause issues that go beyond the physical. When painkillers barely touch the problem, the mind begins to worry that the body will never feel well again. This worry can lead to even more agony as the struggle to escape the pain continues. 

Mindfulness is not the practice of escaping the pain. Mindfulness provides natural pain relief by focusing directly on the area of the pain. Studies show that by sitting quietly and focusing on the sensation of your pain, you can begin to soothe the brain patterns surrounding the pain. As these patterns change, pain is no longer felt with the same level of intensity. Mindful meditation is a natural pain relief that can reduce chronic pain by up to 57 percent. Those who practice regularly can reduce pain by 90 percent. 

Develop Your Skills

Develop mindfulness and concentration by focusing on an object or an activity and holding that focus. For instance, you might focus on how your food tastes as you eat, or how the pavement feels under your feet as you walk. You might focus on the colors of the sunset, or the pattern of the stars in the night sky. If your mind begins to wander, gently bring it back to the object of your focus.

Practicing mindfulness on a daily basis can help you develop the concentration you need to achieve natural pain relief when the pain hits. Mindfulness meditation can be practiced while eating, walking, or doing other activities. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at sustaining mindfulness for a long period of time. Start meditating for one minute at a time and work your way up to several minutes of uninterrupted focus.

Complementary Natural Pain Relief

Noxicare is a form of natural pain relief that can be used right along with your mindful meditation and medication. It has no known side effects and does not interfere with prescription drugs. Use it as a topical ointment to treat pain from the outside, or in oral form to treat pain from the inside. When it comes to treating chronic pain, Be Smart. Go Natural.