Can Stress Cause Your Back Pain?

Can Stress Cause Your Back Pain?

There is a very strong connection between the levels of stress you experience and back pain. When you are stressed, there is a release of stress hormones that can actually increase your perception of pain. These stress hormones also have the ability to tighten your muscles and cause painful and erratic muscle spasms.

When you are under stress, and you put your body through strenuous physical activity, you are also causing the muscles to tighten even more which can lead to more serious injury even with mild activities such as lifting, poor posture, and a sudden twist.

Natural Remedies for Lower Back Pain

The first step to helping relieve your back pain is by reducing the level of stress you regularly experience. Learning how to effectively manage your stress can help break this painful cycle you find yourself in.

Heat Therapy

Can Stress Cause Your Back Pain?

Heat therapy is good for back pain because it helps to increase the blood flow to your tissues which then provide more oxygen and nutrition to help with the healing process. You can simply apply a heating pad to begin feeling some relief immediately.


Aerobic exercise has been found to help people relieve stress because it burns off stress hormones and also increases the body’s production of endorphins. These endorphins can help relieve any pain and even go further by improving your overall mood.

Lower Back Pain Cream

For a more immediate and topical treatment, lower back pain cream can be applied to the area of your back that is sore. Noxicare is a lower back pain cream that can help reduce pain and has no known side effects.

It is formulated with willow bark, holy basil, rosemary extract, Alpha Lipoic Acids, ginger, and Boswellia extract and doesn’t require a prescription.

Turmeric is another natural ingredient that has been proven to provide fast-acting pain relief as well by using only safe and natural compounds. It is great for muscles aches, lower back pain, nerve pain, and any inflammation you may be experiencing.

Why Choose Natural Treatments?

Natural treatments do not have the same dangerous side effects you may find with more traditional over the counter or prescription pain relievers. You will also not have that greasy feeling or strong smell that you find with most other topical pain applications.

So, using a cream in addition to regular exercise and heat therapy can seriously diminish the pain you may be feeling.