Clinical Results and Studies

Noxicare™ with turmeric

90% of patients using Noxicare experienced a reduction in pain; 60% reduced their pain by half!

In January 2010, The Benchmarking Company (TBC) was hired to conduct a case study of Noxicare™, a natural topical pain-relief cream created to alleviate acute and chronic pain associated with: joint and muscle inflammation, neuropathy associated with diabetes and chemotherapy side effects. The study probed the level of pain experienced by participants through a variety of questions designed to capture as much information as possible on the type of pain, location, and severity. After using the product for seven days, participants were then asked to rate their pain experience.

Types of Pain Studied

Out of the three types of pain studied — chronic, muscular or nerve — 68% of the participants in the study described their pain as muscular — those aches and pains associated with everyday over-exertion, athletic pain such as from a sporting injury, or even pain associated with medical conditions.  Chronic pain, which might include side effects like burning or swelling of ligaments, accounted for 48% of respondents and nerve pain — throbbing or stinging pain often described as ‘pins and needles’ accounted for 20%.

7 Day Results

Noxicare™ clinical studiesTo set a benchmark for pain levels, at the start of the study, TBC asked all participants to rate their level of pain on a scale of 0 -10 (with 0 being ‘no pain’, and 10 being ‘unbearable pain’).  At this time, just over half rated their pain as ‘moderate to severe’; pain that was discomforting and distressing, and significantly impacting day-to-day activities.  After just seven days of using Noxicare, an astounding 72% of participants overwhelmingly agreed that their level of pain shrank dramatically from ‘moderate to severe’, to ‘little to mild’, while 48% reported they had very little to no pain. A reduction in pain wasn’t the only thing participants raved about; 60% also noticed less inflammation and swelling.

After seven days of using Noxicare…
  • Over 72% of users reported a reduction in their pain.
  • Noxicare reduced inflammation by 56%.
  • 72% of users would continue using Noxicare to reduce pain.
  • 64% of users would recommend Noxicare to a friend or family member.
  • Over 48% of users reported they had zero to minimal pain.
  • Over 60% of users were extremely satisfied with Noxicare.
  • 92% of users agreed that Noxicare is easy to use.
  • 80% of Noxicare users liked the way the formula felt on their skin.
  • 100% of users agreed that Noxicare had a perfectly non-greasy texture.
  • 96% of users felt it was very important that Noxicare has zero negative side effects.
  • Over 96% of Noxicare users like the odor free formula.
  • Over 72% of users said it was important to them that Noxicare’s formula was natural.

Testimonials from Clinical Results

“The pain relief is immediate following application.” — R. Bent

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I really noticed the difference.” — K. Forrestor

“The product was easy to use and odor-free.” — E. Jordan

“I have recently had knee surgery and have been using Everflex Pain Cream (Nature’s Sunshine Product) & Traumeel (Heel Product) prior to receiving your sample. Your product works better than the Traumeel.” — Ngozi P.

“I liked that it did not have a smell.” — C. Alawi

“I was pleased with the product.” — R. Smith

“Worked well.  I used it on my hands since this is where I had stiffness and pain, which is now gone.” — C. Ketchum

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  1. Patty

    How effective is it for siatic pain
    That runs down the lower left side of the leg? Does it help for pinch nerve

    1. Management

      A nurse in Greenville, NC says it’s very effective and take the capsules as directed and reported great relief. Her testimonial video is on Youtube and our Facebook Page.

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