Cold Weather and Joint Pain: The Connection

Cold Weather and Joint Pain: The Connection

Do you find yourself reaching for natural pain remedy more often when the temperatures start to drop? Have you ever made a severe weather forecast by judging how your knees hurt more than usual? You’re not imagining it — you can really have joint pain flare-ups when the weather gets colder.

Several studies have been done to show the correlation between joint pain and weather. However, scientists are yet to pinpoint a direct and specific connection. Almost all of the studies suggest that cold temperatures may exacerbate flare-ups, though. Baromatic pressure, which refers to air pressure, is thought to affect people’s joints. Temperature, humidity, and precipitation are also seen as factors that can aggravate joint discomfort.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the theories surrounding the connection between joint pain and cold weather, and more.

Why Does Cold Weather Intensify Joint Pain?

Cold Weather and Joint Pain: The Connection

As mentioned, there is no exact explanation as to why temperature drops affect our body in such a way that joint flare-ups become more intense. One of the theories being tested points to barometric pressure. When it’s cold out, barometric pressure drops, causing tissues, muscles, and tendons to expand. As a result, the body strains to hold the pressure and expansion, particularly in arthritis-affected joints.

Why Is Not Everyone Affected?

Not everyone may notice it, but all of our bodies react to varying barometric pressure. However, those who have arthritis and have been experiencing chronic pain can feel the discomfort more than others. Furthermore, cold or bad weather is also known to affect people’s moods. When one is sad, their perception of pain intensifies.

When Should You Consult a Doctor?

If you’ve been experiencing chronic pains due to different conditions, then you probably know of ways to manage pain. However, if applying natural pain remedy doesn’t work as it used to or new symptoms come up, it won’t hurt to seek professional care. This applies whether or not your pain is caused by cold weather.

How to Reduce Joint Pain Caused By Cold Weather?

If you find that the cold weather worsens your joint pain, do the following:

  • Stay warm by putting on layers of clothing.
  • Try your best to maintain a healthy weight to reduce joint stress.
  • Apply heat on painful areas.
  • Stay active. Do some stretching and gentle exercises.
  • Get enough rest all the time.
  • Opt for a natural pain remedy that is safe and gentle, such as Noxicare™ cream and capsules.

Worried that these coming cold months will heighten your joint pains? Make sure you have natural pain relief products at hand and to follow the tips given above to help you get through.