Common Causes of Lower Back Pain and How Lower Back Pain Cream Can Help

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain and How Lower Back Pain Cream Can Help

Several causes exist when it comes to lower back pain. From certain diseases and a ruptured herniated disc to sciatica and arthritis, there are many reasons you may be experiencing constant pain and pressure in your lower back.

Sometimes you can even find that the source of the back pain is unknown even after tests and exams have been performed to find the source. However, lower back pain is rarely ever life-threatening.

The following are a few of the more common causes associated with lower back pain and some advice on how to treat this chronic pain:


If you spent the day doing strenuous activity, then there is a good chance you may have overstretched your muscles or injured some ligaments. This kind of back pain will typically clear up on its own after a few days of rest.

Herniated Discs

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain and How Lower Back Pain Cream Can Help

A lot of strain is put on our lower backs on a daily basis; even the weight we carry on our upper body can put stress on the lower back. The spine is responsible for supporting all this weight, and the discs are what act as a sort of shock absorber, so our vertebrae don’t begin to grind on one another.

When this happens, the discs can begin to wear down, or they can tear and become injured. When this happens, you will experience some severe pain in your back that can even radiate down through your pelvic area.

Lumbar Strain

This is an injury in which the ligaments, tendons, and muscles get stretched out. It is similar to when you become injured due to overuse. When these muscles stretch out, the tissues get torn. This injury is common when there has been improper use or some kind of trauma. It is a soft-tissue injury and can last from just a few days to months.

Treating Your Lower Back Pain

If you need relief from your chronic lower back pain but want to try a solution that contains more natural ingredients that you won’t find in your typical over the counter treatments, then Noxicare is just what you need. It relieves muscle pain and is a safe and effective lower back pain cream with no known side effects.

In addition to this lower back pain cream, you can soothe the pain you are experiencing with hot and cold packs, take a nice hot bath, and get regular massages to help manage the pain.