Don’t Forget To Cool Down

Don’t Forget To Cool Down

You’ve probably heard about how it’s good to warm up before you begin a difficult exercise session.  Warming up gets your heart ready to pump hard, and the shock of jumping straight into a lot of running or working out can cause your heart a dangerous shock.  However, you might not have heard that it’s just as important to cool down with some light exercise and stretching after you finish your regular session.  While warming up gets you ready for the exercise session, cooling down will help your body recover faster the next day.

The Lactic Acid Issue

Muscle Relaxant Cream - Don’t Forget To Cool Down

When you exercise your muscles, they will start to build up lactic acid.  This is a natural process, and lactic acid is responsible for the burning sensation you feel in your muscles when you push them to the limit and for the soreness and weakness you feel the day after.  These are important sensations since they tell you not to push your body any harder, but the lingering soreness can take a long time to clear up and it can aggravate inflammation illnesses like arthritis.  That’s why it’s also good to cool down and clear the acid out.

Cool Down Options

The best way to cool down after a big workout is to walk around and stretch your muscles.  Light activity like this will clear the lactic acid out instead of letting it sit in your muscles and make them weak and sore the next day.  It also helps to stay hydrated and make sure you have key nutrients like magnesium and vitamin C after you finish a workout.  Something else you can use is a muscle relaxant cream you can use to soothe sore muscles both right after a workout and when you wake up the next morning.

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