Fighting The Aches And Pains That Come With Aging


Getting older means getting used to the aches and pains that come along with age. There are times, however, when symptoms are too intense to “get used” to. Medication is often prescribed to combat the problems that come with an aging body, and this is why one-third of the purchased prescription drugs in the U.S. are used by people over the age of 65.

Aging Leads To Changes

Aging changes the body and brain in many ways, often necessitating the use of prescription drugs.

• Memory problems are more prevalent

• Anxiety may increase

• Metabolism slows down

• Sleep disorders can develop

• Pain levels may increase

The medications used to treat these issues can carry the risk of addiction and complications when not properly administered.

Senior citizens are not often seen as prescription medication abusers, but it occurs more than people think. Some of the signs of prescription drug abuse in the elderly include:

• Mood swings and personality changes

• Constant fear of running out of medication

• Filling prescriptions at different pharmacies

• Increasing dosage of medication

• Getting the same prescription from multiple doctors

Drug abuse is never the initial goal for people who take medications. But increasing dosages to find more pain relief, mixing medications with alcohol, and taking medications that are not compatible is still considered drug abuse.

Using A Natural Pain Reliever

Fighting The Aches And Pains That Come With AgingA natural pain reliever can help ease many physical symptoms so that people can walk back prescription medication use. For example, insomnia and depression can be triggered by pain and inflammation; using a natural pain reliever can relax the body enough to find peace and sleep. Natural pain relievers can also be used in combination with other medications without causing an interaction.

There’s a time for prescription medication, and a time when a natural pain reliever can be just as effective. Minimize medication use and turn to creams and capsules that have natural ingredients to soothe inflammation and reduce pain. Noxicare includes ingredients like turmeric, willow bark, and rosemary extract to provide relief without the worry of addiction or unwanted side effects. Be Smart. Go Natural.