Foot Exercises to Help with Nerve Pain

Foot Exercises to Help with Nerve Pain

Many of us will experience foot and ankle pain at some time in our lives. Our feet go through a lot on a daily basis and can become very sore. However, to ensure that our feet continue to provide us with the support we need, regular exercise and stretches are important.

When you suffer from neuropathy, you will find that one of the side effects of this condition is terrible pain in both your hands and feet.

The following exercises for nerve pain management can easily be done in the comfort of your own home and were designed to help with your overall flexibility and mobility. They will also increase the range of motion in your feet and help alleviate any pain you may be experiencing.

Toe Raises, Points, and Curls

Foot Exercises to Help with Nerve Pain

There are a few parts to this foot exercise, but it all starts with sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. You then keep your toes on the floor while raising your heels. With the balls of your feet still on the ground, hold the position for five seconds and then lower your heels.

Next, you will point the toes so that the big and second toes are still touching the floor. Your heel should be raised for this position. Again, hold this position for five seconds.

Finally, you will raise the heel while curling your toes forward. You need to make sure that the tips of your toes continue to touch the floor. Hold it for five seconds. You will want to repeat each of these three steps at least ten times.

Sock Lift

This nerve pain management exercise helps with your grip and balance. Again, you start by sitting in a chair with a sock placed on the floor. You will then try to use your toes to retrieve the sock. Once you have grabbed the sock, hold it between your toes for five seconds before releasing it back to the floor.

To challenge yourself further, you can try this exercise from a standing position and increase the amount of time you hold the sock up. You can also try balancing on one foot while you are doing; however, this should not be attempted until you are comfortable with the exercise.

The Clock

This is another foot and balance exercise. For this exercise, you need to imagine a large clock with all the numbers. Raise your foot while keeping it in place and not pivoting and go around the clock and touch as many numbers as you can. Starting from where it would say 12 o’clock and then moving clockwise to hit each of the other numbers. Do not pivot your foot. Repeat this process with each of your feet.