How To Naturally Treat Common Athlete Injuries

Natural Pain Remedy - How To Naturally Treat Common Athlete Injuries

Injuries caused by playing sports can be painful, especially in the aftermath of the event. After the high of adrenaline during game time, the aches, pains, and bruises become more obvious. If you start feeling pain after a game, or if your past athletic experience still lingers with pain, here are natural pain remedy that you can try.

Ice And Elevation For Bruising

Natural Pain Remedy - How To Naturally Treat Common Athlete InjuriesAthletes who play contact sports tend to experience bruising, especially when the going gets tough. While bruises are not as bad as broken bones or bad sprains, they can still become an issue when playing. This is especially true for martial arts, where bruises come with the game, but they can also hinder one from properly performing the sport.

Once a game is done, apply a cold ice pack or compress on the area for 20 to 30 minutes. This will reduce the swelling and discoloration. If you only have ice, do not put it directly on your skin, as this can bring in a new set of problems.

Change To Shoes With Support

Sports, whether played indoors or outdoors, require the proper shoes. In some cases, such as tennis and basketball, there are specific shoes that need to be worn during the game. Some games or sports do not have a specific pair of shoes. Other times, the athletes are not aware of the importance of the kind of shoes they need to have before getting the game on.

A lot of injuries can spring forth from wearing the wrong pair of kickers. Once this occurs, your next move should be to consult with a podiatrist for an easy natural back pain remedy, which is a change in shoes. You may be prescribed orthotic shoes, especially if your soles require special attention and proper care.

Get orthotic shoes or inserts that offer support for the knees, feet, and ankles. The heels may have a bigger arch, more cushioning, and better shock absorption, depending on the type of support you need.

Acupuncture For Runner’s Knee

Running tends to stress the knee joint with the constant impact of the sport. However, running is not the only activity that can cause this issue. Any sport that stresses the knee joint can contribute in developing this ailment.

Acupuncture is a natural pain remedy that works to stimulate the production of hormones that reduce inflammation and pain. Some of these hormones include cortisol, endorphins, and serotonin. You can feel relief in as few as four sessions.

Even though you may have stopped from participating in the sport, it is likely that the effect of runner’s knee will continue well into age. The key is being aware of your condition and managing both the pain and the pressure that are put on the knee.

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