Look at the Label: 2 Ingredients That Keep Away

Natural Pain Relief Formula - 2 Ingredients That Keep Away

Whether it’s an intense workout that has stretched your muscles or it’s the season for muscle tightness, we often seek relief via over-the-counter medication. Others who wish to avoid synthetic drugs tend to look for natural relaxants and relievers on the market. If you want to go beyond the usual ibuprofen option, be sure to look for these two key ingredients on the label. These have been the go-to natural ingredients for natural pain relief formula, so they offer more benefits apart from soothing your aching muscles.

The Well-Established Willow Bark

Look at the Label: 2 Ingredients That Keep AwayWhen it comes to home remedies, the willow bark has always been on top of the list for natural ingredients that help ease inflammation. The willow bark used to be chewed to achieve relief, but nowadays, it is essentially available as a dried herb that can be brewed or included as an ingredient to most natural pain relief formula.

When in supplement or capsule form, the willow bark can help in various relieve various discomforts like headaches, back pain, and inflammation. Note that willow bark can have some side effects, the most common of which is an upset stomach, especially if ingested by itself. It’s best to know your body’s reaction to willow bark by consulting with a doctor.

Turmeric and Its Curcumin Content

Most people know turmeric as the natural color for curry, but this ingredient goes a long way as a pain reliever. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory, due in part to its active compound curcumin. Curcumin is also a strong antioxidant and an effective blocker of the molecules related to inflammation.

Curcumin may be even more effective for those do strenuous exercise. Research has shown that it has active components that decrease inflammatory markers after a long and intense workout.

Noxicare’s natural pain relief formula uses turmeric and willow bark as its top two ingredients. Creator Dr. Reza Ghorbani ensured that Noxicare is a safe, first-line of pain management for all types of muscle sores. The next time your muscles feel stiff, reach for Noxicare’s capsules, designed to manage pain and provide relief with its natural ingredients. See what other products Noxicare offers.