Natural Painkillers: Herbs & Beverages To Make You Feel Better

Natural Painkillers: Herbs & Beverages To Make You Feel Better

We live in a world and an age where most people look for a solution to their health and discomfort problems in capsule or medically synthesized form. But many solutions to illness and pain relief still have a solid basis and inspiration in natural remedies. Before labs began mass-producing pain relievers in factories, natural painkiller herbs were a mainstay. And for many, they still are. So before you reach for that bottle of pills try one of these soothing, natural, and even tasty solutions to natural pain relief.

Peppermint Tea

One of the most familiar natural painkillers herbs, though many people aren’t even aware of its vital role in nerve pain management! Peppermint tea is normally consumed for its taste and soothing qualities, but it’s also great as a source of natural pain relief.

Peppermint is a great digestive aid, so if you’re suffering from an upset stomach, gas-related pain, or even bloated sensations, try this all-natural solution. The best part is, it’s very easy to grow yourself!

Lemon, Sage & Thyme Herbal Tea

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get through four full seasons of the year without getting hit with a cold at some point. When that happens, nasal congestion is one of the usual symptoms. But a combination of sage, thyme, and lemon in a single, soothing tea can be the perfect form of relief.

Thyme is a central component of helping to reduce chest congestion, while a combination of sage and lemon provide big boosts to the immunity system. As a bonus, it not only works well, it’s got a comforting, soothing taste.

Cayenne Tea

Of course, the first thing people think when they hear the word “cayenne” is pepper, and they’d be right. But under the right circumstances, this can be natural, medicinal and one of the more effective natural painkillers herbs. And surprisingly, it’s great for colds!

Despite being a spicy pepper, cayenne prepared as a tea can be an excellent source of relief from coughs and sore-throat symptoms of a cold. Cayenne pepper has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. So it’s a spicy but effective form of natural pain relief when it comes to those irritating cold symptoms.

Ginger Tea

Natural Painkillers: Herbs & Beverages To Make You Feel BetterSome people when they’re sick and experiencing symptoms of nausea may be given ginger ale to drink. And while that’s effective, why not go directly to the source, undiminished and unfiltered? Ginger is an excellent natural remedy for nausea and can be very useful for upset stomach, motion sickness, and even diarrhea.

So rather than go for the carbonated, distilled solution, go pure! A mix of ginger and perhaps a little lemon for a citrus boost is a fast acting natural pain reliever. Just keep in mind that a little ginger goes a long way! You don’t need too much pure ginger to get the beneficial effects, so be sure to remove the root when you’re ready to drink!

Natural painkillers herbs abound for many different symptoms. So next you’re feeling some discomfort, think about going natural, rather than reach for the lab-manufactured solution. Be smart. Go natural.