Pain Relief And Management For Senior Adults

Natural Nerve Pain Relievers And Management For Senior Adults

As people get older, they are more likely to experience pains and aches in more areas of the body. Just because chronic pain is now an everyday reality does not mean older adults should just grin and bear it. Lower the impact of chronic pain by facing it head-on with these three tips for natural nerve pain relievers. Engaging in all three of these may not only lessen the discomfort, but provide more benefits that could strengthen you physically and mentally in the long run.

Strength-training and Cardio Exercises

Pain Relief And Management For Senior AdultsIt may be hard to do intense exercises when you are already past your 50s or 60s. There are some cardio workouts that are light on the body but still deliver the necessary benefits, such as increased blood flow and strengthening of muscles.

There is a reason why Zumba and aerobic dance is popular with the older generation. These exercises are easier to do than strenuous workouts in gyms, and they are fun! Go slow on the first try and pace yourself while listening to your body. It also helps to get your friends together and make it a group activity.

Effective Nonpharmacologic Treatments

One can also manage pain through nonpharmacologic means. This can include the natural therapies, such as acupuncture, massages, and chiropractic methods.

In some cases, those who also wish to manage their pain through understanding can also opt for psychoeducational methods. Cognitive-behavioral therapies and meditation can have great benefits, as well as allow older adults to engage their other functions and their mind in the process.

Best of all, these interventions are the kind of natural nerve pain relievers that have very minimal side effects. Practicing some of them, such as meditation, on a regular basis can even increase one’s awareness and mindfulness of the body for more benefits.

Get Assistance Or Opt For Assisted Living

The idea of assisted living does not seem to have any relation to managing pain. Yet the aging process can get in the way of peaceful living, especially for older seniors who can no longer properly do self-care and basic chores by themselves. Worse, they can be very constrained with mobility issues, and not having proper assistance can make them exert themselves unnecessarily.

The beauty of assisted living is that it not only addresses mobility issues, it also takes away a lot of the stress. While senior adults are supposed to have less stress in life in general, they still have to constantly face the stresses of ailments.

Those with chronic pain may view this as a major stress point, which is very true. The physical effects of chronic pain, such as high blood pressure and muscle tension. When older adults start to feel this, they are more likely to feel just as stressed as their younger counterparts. This then leads to an unending cycle of stress that also contributes to physical pain and discomfort. Being in the watchful care of a professional can also ensure that older adults will get the proper natural nerve pain relievers and other medication that they need.

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