Pain Score Guarantee


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Noxicare guarantee

Keeping track of pain scores on a scale of 1-10 is an effective way to successfully manage pain and assess results. If Noxicare doesn’t improve your pain score by two points within 1-2 weeks, send us the product back with proof of purchase within 30 days and we will reimburse you 100%. Rest assured we are committed to providing quality pain management and keeping HAPPY customers. We call this our PAIN SCORE Guarantee.

Our 30-day RISK-FREE return policy only highlights the fact that we take great pride in our products and guarantee 100% SATISFACTION.

Pain scale

Break free from pain with Noxicare™ fast acting natural pain relief formula. Noxicare relieves 3 common types of pain:

Three common types of pain

Muscle aches can be acute (e.g. a result of athletic injury) or chronic (i.e. a symptom of arthritis). Sometimes the pain is linked to ligaments, tendons, bones, and organs.

Painful nerve endings in your skin layers can cause burning, throbbing, and stinging.

Inflammation: The body lets you recognize an inflammation through redness, swelling, disturbing warmth, and severe pain.

Other products might reduce inflammation, lessen muscle aches or increase blood flow to ease painful nerve endings. Noxicare relaxes the muscle and reduces inflammation to alleviate pain, while working to increase blood flow to soothe painful nerve endings. Noxicare™ means fast and natural pain relief with:

  • NO known side effects
  • NO prescription needed
  • NO greasy feel or strong smell
  • NO harmful chemicals
  • NO histamines

Noxicare™ is available in capsules for pain anywhere or in a topical cream for “trigger points” or site-specific pain. Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief is available now – click here to order online and have it shipped right to your door. Orders of two or more always ship for free. Can be two of the same product or one of each of our companion products. Try it today risk-free and enjoy FREE SHIPPING!


(not available in stores)

Noxicare, NOX out pain!