Six Ways To Prevent Muscle Pain From Exercise

Six Ways To Prevent Muscle Pain From Exercise

As we get older, it becomes harder and harder for our bodies to recover from exercise. However, exercise is a critical part of a healthy life and having a strong, healthy body is important to prevent injury and illness as we age. If you’ve been working out and finding the muscle pain is starting to become too much, you might need a few strategies to help with prevention like a natural remedy for muscle pain. Here are the six most important ways to prevent muscle pain from exercise:

Focus On Low Impact Exercise

As we age, it’s important not to push our bodies too far. That doesn’t mean we can’t take on progressively more challenging exercises. It just means we need to think about how the impact affects our bodies. High impact workouts put pressure on our joints and our muscles will compensate by overworking to reduce the pain of impact. This can lead to severe muscle pain. Instead, try low impact workouts like bicycling riding, yoga, or swimming.

Stay Hydrated

Six Ways To Prevent Muscle Pain From Exercise

Hydration is key to preventing muscle pain. As you work out, your body will pull hydration from different areas to compensate for loss. This can lead to both a build up of toxins and strained muscles. So sip water throughout your day and increase your water intake during your workout.

Mix Up Your Exercises

Muscle pain is likely to develop over time from doing the same exercises over and over again. So switch up your exercises. Some people like to focus on different muscle groups each day, while others like to try different activities like spin class, pilates, and weight training.

Stretch It Out

Stretching your muscles helps make them more flexible and limber. The more flexible your muscles the less likely you are to strain or injure them. There are different schools of thought on when you should stretch for maximum benefit. However, all experts agree, if you are working out, no matter when you stretch, you should always stretch.

Warm Up And Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down can both prevent injury. They support healthy blood flow which reduces inflammation and can protect against strains and sprains from injury. A few minutes before and after each workout can really help keep muscle pain away.

Take A Day Off

A lot of the time, people only take rest days after they’ve experienced muscle pain. However, rest days are not only important for recovery, but they also support muscle growth. You should always schedule at least one rest day a week.

Sadly, no matter what we do to prevent muscle pain, there will be times after a hard workout that we will be sore. During these times it’s great to use a natural remedy for muscle pain like Noxicare™. Noxicare™ uses 7 healthy ingredients to provide a powerful natural remedy for muscle pain and soreness. The best part is a lot of these ingredients also help with support hydration, muscle flexibility, and reduce inflammation–all of which can make your workouts more effective!