A Natural Pain Reliever That Doesn’t Have Side Effects

I like that it doesn’t take long at all to start working. I use it for occasional joint and muscular aches and pain.

By Moketye on September 22, 2019

Pain Relief For Osteo-Arthritis

Its a great product for reducing pain from inflammation. I have been taking it for several years but Amazon sells it at the best price. I have spoken to distributers over the years and they are honest people.

By Vicki York on March 2, 2019

Relief For Arthritis

One capsule per day provides a noticeable improvement for us.

By Peter M. Brown on February 18, 2019

The Best Nerve Pain Cream That Exists! I Love Noxicare!

This is the best and only cream that truly relieves my sciatica nerve pain.
I love it and use it daily, mornings right after my shower.

By Cindy Rehwald on September 28, 2019

Really Works!

I was having pain in my shoulder and my knee and this went on for 3 days with no relief. I really thought it woudl just go away. Anyway, I remembered I had been given a bottle of Noxicare so I decided to give it a try. I rubbed a little on my shoulder and knee, it did not take much, and in 10 minutes pain in my shoulder was completely gone. I mean no pain at all. My knee took a couple of applications, but after a day my knee was pain free as well. I am now sold on this product and I highly recommend getting yourself some and trying it out. Best of luck and I hope this works for you the way it works for me.

By Dean D’Ambrosi on July 3, 2019

Amazing Product For Nerve Pain

I bought this product after having nerve damage in my arm from a nurse hitting a nerve while drawing blood. It left incredibly painful jolts through my arm into my thumb. This cream worked amazing on the pain, I was very hesitant to buy it but it was the best purchase I could have made for nerve pain. I was disappointed that it didn’t do much for my migraines (used on temples and back of neck) however it works wonders in sciatica nerve pain as well. At one point I could barely walk or put weight on my leg due to a really bad flare up and this had me walking around comfortably within 10 minutes.

By Rachel J Wagner on August 13, 2018

Five Stars

Arthritis. Helps ease stiffness

By Tjm on April 16, 2019

Five Stars

All me and my family uses. we all have different aliments from multiple autoimmune issues to neck and back surgeries to just plain old age. no smell and works well.

By Heather Roth on January 12, 2018


This was my second order for this product. I’m 76 years old I suffer from minor neuropathy and a clogged artery in my right leg. I apply noxicare cream on my hands and feet twice a day. In short it keeps me going. I work 30 hours a week as a local truck driver.

By oldguy on July 30, 2014

Four Star

This only really helps arthritis type of pain and it does it pretty quickly.

By HM on August 31, 2019