The Three Most Common Causes Of Back Pain

The Three Most Common Causes Of Back Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain every day. Back pain is one of the most difficult pains to manage and endure. Most back pain is caused by one of three things and identifying what is causing your pain is the first step in getting relief. Here are the three main causes of back pain among healthy adults.


Natural Muscle Relaxer For Back Pain - Most Common CausesStrains are a type of injury that can occur from overuse or overextension of your back. Strains can occur from improperly lifting something, lifting something that is too heavy, or making an abrupt movement or falling. Back strains can also be caused by stress and muscle tension, which put you at risk for injuries that can cause pain.

Spinal Problems

Another cause of back pain is spinal issues. Your spine is a very complex system of nerves, bones, discs, and ligaments. Injuring any of these can cause back pain through the entire spine. Some common spinal problems include:

● Ruptured discs
● Bulging, herniated, or slipped discs
● Arthritis
● Sciatica
● Osteoporosis
● Abnormal curvature spine
● Degenerative disc disease
● Spinal stenosis

These are just of the spinal structural issues that may be the cause of your back pain. Spinal problems typically require medical treatment and physical therapy as they can lead to long term issues with pain and limited mobility if ignored. So make sure to speak with your physician.

Bad Posture

Sitting up straight isn’t just a recommendation from your parents, it’s actually essential to good spinal health. Bad posture can put unnecessary strain on different parts of your back. Over time this strain can lead to injury. Having good posture can help ensure that your spine is supported by your back muscles and reduces the risk of stress, overuse, and injury. So mind your posture when you are sitting. Also take frequent movement breaks to help keep your back loose and relaxed.

Natural Muscle Relief From Back Pain

Once you’ve identified the cause of your back pain, you can begin working with your physician on a treatment plan. A great option to consider is to use a natural muscle relaxer for back pain. Natural treatments have less side effects, but can be just as powerful as over-the-counter aids. Noxicare’s Natural Pain Relief Cream is a natural muscle relaxer for back pain and contains key ingredients that help fight inflammation, reduce soreness, and help promote muscle release. If you are experiencing back pain, Noxicare can help. Be Smart, Go Natural.