Things to Keep in Mind When Using Nerve Pain Relief Cream

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Nerve Pain Relief Cream

If you have grown tired of taking pill after pill to help your nerve pain, you should know that there are also topical treatments you can use that can help and provide some relief. When you suffer from chronic pain, it becomes harder and harder to continuously reach for the painkillers. Different approaches may be needed if the pain is and has been long term.

Topical Therapy for Nerve Pain Relief

Things to Keep in Mind When Using Nerve Pain Relief CreamThe following is what you need to know about the nerve pain relief creams you can purchase:

Over the Counter Pain Relief Creams

Topical applications are typically available over the counter without a prescription. However, some of these topical creams are only formulated to help with muscle aches and may not actually do a lot for serious nerve pain.
There are also other topical treatments that provide either a cooling or heating effect, and this will trick your nerves into thinking they aren’t as painful as they are, but this solution is short lived and doesn’t do much for treating the actual pain you are experiencing.

Many people will also have to continue to take an anti-inflammatory medication such as acetaminophen in combination with the topical cream to feel the relief.

Prescription Pain Relief Creams

The Fentanyl Transdermal Patch is one of the most common topical applications that is prescribed for pain. The patch contains an opioid that is released through the skin to provide pain relief. There are also non-steroidal treatments that come in gel form that can help reduce pain and inflammation. However, these are typically sued for joint, muscle, and ligament pain.

Choosing a Nerve Pain Relief Cream

The type of nerve pain relief cream you choose really depends on the amount of pain you are experiencing as well as the location of the pain. You must also keep in mind that creams will need to be applied several times a day to continue their effectiveness.

When it comes to choosing the best, you will want to consult with your doctor to find the right treatment for your specific pain level. With so many choices available like the choice between over the counter solutions and prescription strength formulas, you will want to discuss the options and discuss any risks that may be involved when using nerve pain relief cream.