Three Effective Pain Killers Found In Nature

Three Effective Painkillers Found In Nature
Three Effective Pain Killers Found In Nature

When we are dealing with pain from acute or chronic illnesses, we need effective relief fast. However, many of the prescription and over the counter pain killers available today come with some serious side effects like dependency, drowsiness, and stomach issues. Fortunately, there are alternatives found in nature that can be very effective in combating soreness and discomfort. Here are the three most effective natural pain killers:

White Willow Bark:

White willow bark is simply the bark from a common species of willow tree. The bark contains salicin, which is a compound very similar to the active ingredient in aspirin. Salicin is an analgesic that helps reduce the sensation of pain. White willow bark also contains flavonoids and plant particles that also support relief. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling which can help further relieve your suffering. White willow bark is excellent for both topical application and oral ingestion. 


Rosemary, is a popular culinary plant from an evergreen shrub. This tasty herb also has powerful medicinal properties and has been used for centuries to help manage a variety of ailments. Rosemary contains diterpenes which are responsible for the therapeutic properties including relief of cramps, swelling, and throbbing. Studies have shown that the topical application of rosemary is as effective as the topical application of menthol-based muscle relaxant creams for certain ailments. Rosemary is a natural alternative to these products and has a much more pleasing smell.


Boswellia, also known as Indian frankincense, is an extract drawn from the gum resin of the Boswellia serrata tree native to Africa and the Middle East. It has been used for centuries in ayurvedic medicine to help reduce the tenderness associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and tendonitis. The active compounds in Boswellia are pentacyclic triterpenes which work as an analgesic. The pentacyclic triterpenes are also effective as an anti-inflammatory and can help reduce the swelling and inflammation that exacerbate aches and discomfort.

These three powerful natural pain killers are an excellent option to be used in tandem with medicinal pain killers or on their own. Since they are natural ingredients, they may cause less side effects than their pharmacological alternatives. Noxicare’s natural pain reliever creams and capsules contain all three of these powerful ingredients. They are formulated to work together to provide the most relief possible. Try us today and you’ll realize why we always say “Be smart. Go natural.”