Treating Painful Muscle Inflammation Naturally

Treating Painful Muscle Inflammation Naturally

One of the best ways you can begin to treat painful muscle inflammation naturally is through heat therapy. Inflammation is often caused by the buildup of fluid in tissues, and the heat therapy can treat the muscle spasms or other injuries that result.

What is Causing Your Muscle Pain?

Before finding an effective and natural treatment for your pain, you will want to first narrow down the cause of the pain. Maybe you engaged in an activity that your body wasn’t used to, or you boosted your level of exercise or performed new exercises your body may not be used to. All of these may result in muscle inflammation and pain.

Any change in your exercise routine can cause small injuries to the bodies muscle fibers and connective tissue. While you may not feel the pain immediately, the onset can be a bit slower and won’t be felt until the following day.

This is known as the delayed onset of muscle soreness and appears typically between twenty-four and forty-eight hours following your new vigorous exercise routine.

You may also have pain and inflammation due to already existing conditions such as osteoarthritis. This can leave your joints inflamed and very painful and can get progressively worse as we get older.

Treating the Pain and Inflammation

Treating Painful Muscle Inflammation NaturallyBefore turning to over the counter medications to treat your pain, you should try a more natural approach that entails less in the way of side effects.

Following your workout, you should immediately ice the area to help cut down on any inflammation. Following the

ice, you should then apply heat to help increase the blood flow to the area which can go a long way in relieving any joint pain or soreness you may be experiencing.

You can also use natural pain relief creams and apply them topically to the affected area. Noxicare, for example, contains a combination of turmeric and other proven natural ingredients and is a lightweight, odorless, and non-greasy topical application you can use daily to help treat muscle pain and soreness and inflammation.