Understanding A Sciatica Diagnosis

Natural Nerve Pain Relievers - Understanding A Sciatica Diagnosis

Sciatica is an extremely painful condition that can be severely limiting to your mobility. Nearly 40% of all people will experience sciatica pain in their lifetimes. Although it is a very common illness, many people diagnosed with sciatica don’t understand how the illness works and what treatment options are available. That is why many people look for natural nerve pain relievers.

What Is Sciatica?

Understanding A Sciatica DiagnosisSciatica is a nerve pain disorder. It is typically caused by a back injury like a herniated disc or bone spur in the spine that presses on your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the body. It runs from your lower back down to the tips of both of your toes. When the sciatic nerve is pinched it can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, as well as, limits to your mobility, strength, and coordination.

What Are The Symptoms Of Sciatica?

Sciatica is a nerve injury, so it has a lot of symptoms including:

● A sharp, burning, or shooting pain in the back, hip, or lower extremities
● Numbness, tingling, or a feeling of pins and needles
● Weakness or a heavy feeling in the leg
● Pain or stiffness when moving

If you have these symptoms, but haven’t visited your physician, you should see them immediately.

What Are The Treatments For Sciatica

The best course of treatment for sciatica diagnosis is to follow your physician’s advice. If your sciatica is not severe, there are some things you can do to alleviate the pain including:

● Doing low impact exercises like walking or swimming
● Stretching the area or doing yoga
● Using hot and cold compresses
● Being mindful of your posture and avoiding slumping
● Apply topical nerve pain relievers
● Take a pain reliever like Noxicare’s natural nerve pain relievers

These simple steps can help you reduce the pain you experience from sciatica. However, it’s always best to check with a medical professional before trying any treatments.

A sciatica diagnosis can be stressful, however you do have options for relief to help. Taking natural nerve pain relievers like the ingredients in Noxicare is a great step to getting you back on your feet after a sciatica diagnosis. Unlike the over-the-counter options, Noxicare is natural and doesn’t come with risky side-effects. So if you’ve been diagnosed with sciatica, Be Smart. Go Natural.