Warning: Expired Noxicare Being Sold on Amazon and Other Sites

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Saving big bucks online seems to be an online search away. Many types of professional brands are becoming diluted, expired and sold every day on third-party websites like Amazon, eBay and many others. Noxicare cautions you as you are putting your safety and health at risk!

Purchasing Noxicare Pain Relief via Amazon or Ebay? Be sure to check the label on each product you purchase.

What To Look For

Be wary if the box of Noxicare Pain Relief capsules does not have a red banner reading “Contains Turmeric” or “New” and the pain scale guarantee. The products on Amazon being sold by unauthorized dealers are packaging up our old product. These products are either expired or about to expire in 30 days or less.

If the box online is not sold by Herbal Health Care Group or if the packaging does not look like the image below, then DO NOT BUY IT! If you are interested in our product but would like to match the price to the products you see on amazon and eBay, then email info@noxicare.com or call 1-888-386-9898 or 1-877-Noxicare. We’ll match prices until August 26th, 2016!Noxicare new packaging

Keep an Eye Out!

We all love a good deal, but when it comes to your health, is it really worth the risk of buying unmarked products that may be old, expired and potentially dangerous to your body? You’re not only risking the chance that those products have been stolen and changed from hard-working professionals, but these products could be diluted and removed of the natural benefits you would be receiving from the current capsules and cream.


BE CAREFUL. Even if it looks like the manufacturer is the merchant, the chances are high that it likely is not the manufacturer.  If you are interested in Noxicare’s Natural Pain Relief capsules or topical cream, please visit our store!