You Can Stay Active Despite Arthritis

You Can Stay Active Despite Arthritis

Arthritis can become a serious problem as you grow older.  The constant ache in your joints is hard to live with on bad days, and many people who develop the condition avoid exercise and many other activities to avoid it.  However, staying active can help keep arthritis from getting worse, plus regular exercise is important in managing and preventing other conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.  If you want to enjoy your twilight years, you shouldn’t let something like arthritis keep you from staying active.

Be SMART About Exercising With Arthritis

You Can Stay Active Despite Arthritis With Natural Pain Killers

The CDC recommends physical activity for people with arthritis.  Even if arthritis keeps you from running or playing soccer, there are still plenty of options that won’t put too much stress on your joints or aggravate your condition.  They created the acronym SMART to lay out how to handle your exercise:

  • Start low and go slow, so begin your exercise routine with something you can handle and work your way up from there.
  • Modify your activities when your arthritis flares up.  You shouldn’t be afraid to slow down or do something else on a bad day, but try to find something else you can do that will keep you active.
  • Activities should be joint-friendly, which means low-impact and no-impact exercises like walking, cycling, and swimming.  You can also keep your strength up using weight machines instead of free weights.
  • Recognize safe ways and safe places for your exercises.  If your arthritis starts getting to you in the middle of your activity, you should have a plan for how to get back home and how to avoid injuries.
  • Talk to a health professional or a specialist who regularly works with arthritis patients.  They can help you find the best ways to stay active and the best treatments to keep your chronic pain at bay.

Find The Right Treatments

Chronic conditions like arthritis are hard to live with, even on good days, but you can find plenty of treatment options that can help reduce the inflammation it causes.  However, many pain treatments come with serious risks, like the risk of addiction that comes from using opioid prescription medications.  That’s why it also helps to look for alternative pain treatments that can reduce your daily pain burden.  For many who suffer from arthritis, natural pain killers like Noxicare can work wonders.

Even if you suffer from arthritis, you can stay active and keep your inflammation at bay by choosing the right exercises and by using effective treatments like natural pain killers.  Noxicare works by combining seven natural pain-relievers from around the world, including turmeric.  Be Smart.  Go Natural.